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Unleash Your Adventure With Adventures Unbound

Recently, I’ve been asked by friends and strangers alike, how the crowdfunded project, Thermal Crossings, is going. It was a wake-up call that people were paying attention to my work, but their info was out of date. Wiping the dust off my blog, I got typing... In the past 14-months, I've tested a new model for adventurers around the world, showing that it's possible to earn finacial support for your sports project with crowdfunding... which for many, may be an alternative to Redbull sponsorship! My

How to Target the Best Market for Your Startup [Part 1]

If you’ve chosen entrepreneurship as your vehicle for achieving your desired lifestyle, then hopefully you’re busy working on your business, or at very least began validating your idea. Which ever of the two it is, at some point you’ll decide to target a market – one that you believe has the most potential. But how can you make the best informed decision without wasting any time? If you have a few moments, I’ve done my best to help you make that decision using