Kick-Start your Language Learning: Save Time and Effort with the Right Approach

Learning to speak another language is a great challenge but, contrary to popular belief, not something that demands the “right gene” or a huge investment of time and energy. In fact, with the right mentality and tools, anyone can do it with only the slightest change in routine. So why aren’t more people doing it? I have found that not knowing where or how to begin is often to blame. In this post, I’ll present an approach that will help you reach a basic,

How to go on a Mini-Retirement This Summer: Goal Setting in Action

Warning: This post may change your life. Whoever told you that taking extended breaks is a luxury for the rich and retired – it’s simply not true. In fact, I believe it to be an essential ingredient to happier living. I’ll admit though, tackling the logistical, financial, and professional challenges that arise from taking three months (or more) of your life back, is easier said than done. It requires good goal setting, experimenting, as well as a lot of dedication. It's easy to get this

Want to Start Blogging? 3 Principles to Help Publish Your First Article

How do you differentiate yourself in the marketplace, and start building the foundations of a globally recognised personal brand? Well, you might start by publishing a blog post on a niche topic (APIs are pretty niche). Then, you might use this article along with some networking magic to land a job as a marketer/business developer without formal credentials, and without ever sending a CV. Next, you might publish a thought leading how-to article that lands you some consulting work, and voiala; that’s how you

5 Tips for Mastering the Human Body through Movement

In 2012 I travelled with a dance group to Livingstone, Zambia, with the goal of teaching the children of the SOS Children’s Village how to dance; a rather ironic notion coming from a group of Norwegian teenagers. The trip completely changed my view on physicality, socializing and play. At the end of our first day with the kids my ego had been completely smashed by their seemingly natural skill at what we were supposed to be teaching them, and I realised just how physically and

5 Tips to Simplify Your Digital Existence

In the last two decades, we’ve become connected to more and more people and information. We used to find our information in books, and be reachable by landline or mail. Now, we find our information on any of a bazillion websites, and we’re constantly connected to at least a handful of digital channels. As a result, more and more distractions are fighting for our attention. We feel like we must check facebook every five minutes, otherwise we miss out. Even just reading a good

How to Target the Best Market for Your Startup [Part 1]

If you’ve chosen entrepreneurship as your vehicle for achieving your desired lifestyle, then hopefully you’re busy working on your business, or at very least began validating your idea. Which ever of the two it is, at some point you’ll decide to target a market – one that you believe has the most potential. But how can you make the best informed decision without wasting any time? If you have a few moments, I’ve done my best to help you make that decision using

Agile Existence: Let The Adventure Begin

“Once in a while, it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” - Alan Keightley My name is Rhys Fisher, and I’ve been practicing the art of an agile existence for over five years. I’ve used this mindset to paraglide with hundreds of vultures deep within the Spanish Pyrenees, travel Europe’s capitals for two months on less than €950 (flights included!), and find decent jobs without any formal credentials. My