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Mastering the Art of Conversation

Talking and listening. Pretty cool skills! Can be used for ordering coffee, for small talk, or for intense hour-long conversations on important topics like life, death, love, kittens, and bacon. And while it’s very rewarding to turn a regular chat into an engaging conversation, it’s too easy to get stuck in small talk. This article contains some ideas on how to get out of the mundane and into the interesting. Take 5 minutes to read it, then sit down with a human and start

5 Tips to Simplify Your Digital Existence

In the last two decades, we’ve become connected to more and more people and information. We used to find our information in books, and be reachable by landline or mail. Now, we find our information on any of a bazillion websites, and we’re constantly connected to at least a handful of digital channels. As a result, more and more distractions are fighting for our attention. We feel like we must check facebook every five minutes, otherwise we miss out. Even just reading a good