I'm Rhys! I'm a 27-year-old adventure addict from England. In 2015 I spent the summer camping and flying paragliders in the alps. 4-weeks into the trip, the basement where I had stored all my stuff was broken into, and most of my life's belongings were stolen.

Uninspired by the thought of returning to work simply to replace stollen stuff, I crowdfunded the first paragliding project of its kind, which lead to Reaching Lost Mountain (Movie coming soon).

I'm currently busy learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, occasionally publishing to the Bitrefill Blog

www.shoprōnin.com coming soon

ACCEPT BITCOIN DONATIONS: If you'd like to help support my adventures, you can donate Bitcoin here. (1ECbcELZCucrdjoreeJq2rwU9xH3uxBZ2R)

Or I'd happily accept a coffee :)