[BOOK SOFT LAUNCH] Getting Sponsored – Rhys Fisher

Last week I soft-launched my first book project titled: ”Getting Sponsored”.

It aims to answer the #1 question in my opinion that troubles most aspiring athletes and adventurers – how do you make a living with your craft.

Even though equipment sponsorships are nice to have and important when pursuing adventuring full-time, I constantly find that both adventurers and athletes alike get stuck when trying to create an income from their work.


To find some answers, I had to put my passion on hold for 4 very long years and turned to entrepreneurship. With a recent success crowdfunding the first part of my first major expedition, I was surprised to learn that making it as an adventurer is NOT much different from starting a new company.

The models, key skills, and principles that help entrepreneurs succeed in business are the same you'll need to WIN support for your adventures and expeditions.

For a comparison, consider how entrepreneurs take a vision and learn how to make it a sustainable company. Sometimes the business is simple. Sometimes it isn't. But the entrepreneur iterates from one strategy to another until finding one that works.

Entrepreneurs first and foremost search for business models, and then run experiments to test those models as well as their product ideas. Adventurers in many ways are entrepreneurs too.

Entrepreneurship helps us understand how to create value for others, enough value to get some form of a compensation. But entrepreneurship isn’t enough. We need something more specific. Something more tailor-made for adventuring.

That search led me to the marketing world – specifically to the domain of content and modern customer acquisition practices. I even worked as a professional marketer for startups and established companies, and in doing so, begun to understand what people and organisations are looking for when deciding to spend money on projects and products.

The big epiphany for me was realising that all organisations these days are in the business of participating in online conversations and that adventurers almost always have a unique and compelling story which companies would benefit being a part of.

Adventurers ultimately create stories that both companies–and people–want to be a part of.

Adding value with stories is what will get you paid, and this is the goal of professional adventuring. This realisation is the basis for the book: “Getting Sponsored”.

Nudge this book into existence

This is my first book, but just as every project I start, it starts with a landing page and conversations with likely buyers. If this book idea resonates with likely readers, I publish. If not, I move on to the next project.

Also, because writing a book requires experience in the field, I am actively testing my ideas with my first major adventure, Thermal Crossings, to make the principles covered in the book solid, and to be sure they work.

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Finally, even though the book is not yet written, I'll continue to share my learnings frequently here on the blog. An example would be 12 Lessons Learned While Crowdfunding Project Thermal Crossings.

I also published the most comprehensive resource on becoming a sponsored paragliding pilot that currently exists on the web, and it equally applies to other sports.

You can read the slides below:


Thanks for your reading.