Thermal Crossings is NOW LIVE – New Trailer, Limited Edition T-shirts, and Much More

December is the Month.

After six months of work, the Thermal Crossings adventure is available everywhere!

I put my heart and soul into my projects. Agile Existence, for example, has received tens of thousands of readers, and will continue to be home to many future articles where I share with you exactly how I blaze such an uncommon trail.

Compared to this blog, I've already spent 3 TIMES the effort on my new project — Thermal Crossings: Open Source Adventure — to ensure it could inspire athletes and adventurers all over the globe. Men and women. Young and old.

The work is paying off. Both Niviuk & Sup'Air, leading paragliding equipment manufacturers have officially come on board as equipment sponsors, the story will be covered in the Gazette and Herald and Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Standard SOON, and the Indiegogo crowdfunding that's kickstarting this whole thing is already 34% funded at the time of publishing this post.

It will be the definitive immersive-open-source-adventure case study, sharing both what works, as well as what doesn't. Hopefully pioneering a new career model for athletes to imitate.

I'll showcase what happens to the human body through this experience. Share never before seen secrets that unlock accelerated skill acquisition techniques. And entertain with some mind-blowing eye candy along the way. Everything is tested. And for the first time in history, you will be able to get exclusive access to this journey in exchange for a small contribution.

Supporters can get involved from as little as £1, so everyone can participate. Regardless of their financial situation.

However, the full fan access along with the limited edition T-shirt, and permission to join a private Facebook group, will be available from £30–limited availability.

It's also possible to buy one of only one-hundred hand signed pieces of the original glider that will be flown on the expedition, along with a frame and photo album for only £100–not bad for a unique piece of history to hang on your wall. You'll have the pleasure of showing friends, family and amigos the expedition and experiences that you helped make a reality.

For £130, you can get closer to the action than you ever thought possible by going for a tandem paragliding flight at one of your local sites, or while away on your next holiday.

To check out the full range of perks, visit our Indiegogo page. It's also possible to simply donate if you have been personally inspired by it all.

Why am I asking for money? Because I’m proud of this project and want it to be the #1 most known paragliding journey on the internet. That said, I have some very tough competition. Gavin Mcclurg, and the Search projects team are also putting out great stuff. I look forward to potentially working with them in the future.

With your help, I can make that sort of thing a reality.

Surprise for readers – win FREE stuff


From the moment this post went live, and until 13th, Sunday, 6pm London (Dec), I will offer the chance to win a FREE limited edition Thermal Crossings T-shirt as well as a 700 Down Jacket to the winner of a 48h Bitly competition.

It's really simple. Whoever drives the most traffic to our Indiegogo page with their own unique Bitly link wins!

Here are the instructions and rules on how to enter and play fairly. Read carefully!

In addition to this competition, I also want to reward the Agile Existence community who support the campaign. So, here we go, one at a time…

Exclusive Access #2

If you buy or have bought The Exclusive Access #2: £30

Until Sunday 6pm London, you will get your limited edition T-shirt (£30), 2 years of fan access, permission to join the private Facebook group, as well as digital PDF copy of my current sponsorship proposal (cost of production +£250). With it, you will see exactly how I approach these type of deals.

Exclusive Access #3 If you buy or have bought The Exclusive Access #3: £65

Until Sunday 6pm London, you will get your Thermal Crossings SkyBean Helmet Vario (£54) as well as a copy of my current sponsorship proposal (£250) and two limited edition t-shirts (£60) as well as 2 years of fan access and permission to join the private Facebook group.

Tandem Paragliding flight If you buy or have bought a tandem flight: £130

Until Sunday 6pm London, you will get a FREE PDF copy of my current sponsorship proposal (cost of production +£250), a small wallet-sized piece of the original glider flown on the final expedition signed by me. A limited edition T-shirt, 2 years of fan access, and the pleasure of having contributed to the first open source adventure of its kind.

History on a wall If you buy, or have bought, History on a wall: £100

Until Sunday 6pm London, you will get a hand signed and framed piece of the glider flown on the final expedition along with a printed version of the photo album (£20) instead of a digital one. Giving you something special to hold on to, literally. And you will receive 2 years of fan access along with a limited edition T-shirt.

Which perk will you choose to support with to help launch this immersive-open-source-adventure?

No matter what, there’s one starting point: the Thermal Crossings Indiegogo campaign.

Help me start a domino effect that will make 2016 an inspiring year for us all.