Agile Existence: Let The Adventure Begin

“Once in a while, it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” - Alan Keightley

My name is Rhys Fisher, and I’ve been practicing the art of an agile existence for over five years.

I’ve used this mindset to paraglide with hundreds of vultures deep within the Spanish Pyrenees, travel Europe’s capitals for two months on less than €950 (flights included!), and find decent jobs without any formal credentials.

My diverse experience has allowed me to build a peculiar skill set, but more importantly, I’ve become well accustomed to the chaos that follows a change. Having gone through several identity shifts, I’ve honed this ability to adapt over the years, and have felt a growing sensation of freedom because of it.

Why is this relevant?

The truth is, we’re entering a challenging new era where technology and society are evolving faster than people can naturally adapt. This sets the stage for a wave of new lifestyles, where terms like passive income, location independence, and self-education make their way into everyday conversation.

I’ve decided to confront my fear of writing by sharing my lives learnings as they happen. My goal is to create a collaborative learning environment, one where all those who seek a more agile existence are welcomed with open arms.

Trust that I will tell unexpected stories, shine light on personal failures, publish controversial how to’s, and share insights into my pursuit of freedom.

With that said, I’m honored to have you join the community.

So what exactly is an Agile Existence?

An agile existence is a new approach to lifestyle design, one where practitioners seek autonomy, proficiency, and belonging.

It’s a fast growing global subculture made up of people who choose to seek out a more adventurous life. They feel a great sense of pride from deliberately living lighter on the feet. I consider them the ultimate survivors of the modern economy – using technology to shape their ideal lifestyles, as well as give back to the world.

This community isn’t just reserved for the privileged. An agile existence can be practised by anybody, regardless of your formal credentials. Through deliberate action you can enhance your ability to adapt, learn, and conquer new environments – a skill to do well in any situation.

If you think you don’t fit the bill, let me say it once more. There are no credential requirements! You don’t need an above adverage IQ, and you certainly don't need to be a risk taker.

I admit that the ideas expressed here won't be for everyone. However, if you have a desire for a new type of freedom, one where you're behind the driving wheel, this blog will have something for you!

Publishing this post marks the beginning of a journey to an unknown destination. I plan to challenge, experiment, and wrestle with the status quo in an attempt to live the good life – sharing my learnings with you along the way.