Agile Existence

An Adventurer's Rant


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ― Helen Keller

Adventures Unbound: We do. We capture. We create. We share

There's something about the mountain and the great outdoors that has you coming back. We all have our limits... and everyone's definition of an adventure is unique, but life isn't special without challenge. It's incomplete without pain. Dull without time away from your safe places.Sure you can always give up when the going gets tough. Or you can Unleash Your Adventure.

Thermal Crossings: A New Model for Paragliding Expeditions

One morning I had this crazy idea to give people an opportunity to experience the world of paragliding like never before. And so I've returned to the sky, with a goal to inspire, entertain, and educate with the first paragliding adventure of its kind. Visit to get full details and find out how you can nudge this adventure into existence.